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7th Annual Women's Emerging Artist 

Women in Art is a female-led not-for-profit community whose aim is to support mentor and promote women artists 

Each year we hold an art award open to all emerging women artists*

Painters, Photographers, Illustrators and Printmakers

living and working in the UK. With an award for one Overseas Artist.

Then we will choose 22 artists whom we feel have the potential to excel in the art world.

Championing Women Artists


At the Women in Art Prize formerly, we champion women artists and try to play our part in correcting the imbalance in the art world. Did you know top London galleries exhibit more work by male artists than female and that their work sells for more than their female counterparts? Women are also underrepresented in the major roles in the art world and paid less. 

We are here to help change that!


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women in art award show


“It’s not possible to present an accurate picture of our culture without all the voices of the people in the culture. So at the emerging level, you can’t have a good survey art show without women and artists of colour.”
Frida Kahlo



2023 6th Annual Award Prizes

All of the Money raised from the submission entrance was put back into the award

The Prizes that were won

Painting First Prize: Dame Emma Thompson Award £1000.

Plus a Solo Exhibition at one of The Cass Art Spaces with £250 worth of Cass Art gift vouchers to spend in-store.

Winning work displayed at Zebra One Gallery, Hampstead for one month.

Feature in Fabric Magazine - Interview and studio visit/outreach campaign via Love London /  Facebook 340,000, Instagram 100,000 plus,

Svetlana Semenova , first prize 








Painting Runner-up Prize - £500

10-page interview/feature in an edition of The FLUX Review magazine

The magazine is stocked in over 700 bookstores. 

Ava Khera




​The Susan Angoy Artist of African and Caribbean Heritage Award: £1500

This prize is open to Women Artists who have one of the following categories of Heritage:

  • Black African

  • Black Caribbean

  • Black Other

  • Mixed – White and Black Caribbean

  • Mixed – White and Black African

  • Other mixed backgrounds (to include Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other)

The artist must be truly emerging and be happy to provide a supporting statement.

Outlining how being the recipient of this award would make A difference, 

How it would further enhance their artistic development will be taken into consideration.

Amie Elizabeth W





The Tim May Memorial Prize: £1500

Abstract Painter / Fine Art Photography

​                               This prize is open to all emerging women Painters and Photographers 

and will be donated by His widow Susan Angoy

The artist must be truly emerging and be happy to provide a supporting statement.

Outlining how being the recipient of this award would make A difference, 

How it would further enhance their artistic development will be taken into consideration.

Suzie Silk









Photography First Prize: Nikon Camera Z 6 II 24-70 kit  (worth £2649 RRP).

Create the images you want to see in the world

Run with your ideas. Follow your intuition. Whatever your next project 

 Plus £500 Cash.

Genesis Imaging £250 worth of Printing or Retouching for your next project.

Melody Thornton



Photography Runner-Up Prize: - £250.

Jodie Wingham








The Mall Galleries Prize for Best Figurative Painting. 

10 free entries to Open Exhibitions hosted by the Federation of British Artists Societies. (Worth £180)

Hosking Houses Trust offers a prize of a 3-week residency to be taken between September 2024 and December 2024.  Hosking Houses Trust has been offering free periods of residency for 21 years to established writers and artists over the age of 40 in an eighteenth-century cottage in the village of Clifford Chambers, two miles south of Stratford upon Avon. To learn more about the Trust, please visit www.

Kate Bentley



BEST OVERSEAS ARTIST - OPEN TO ALL ARTISTS OUTSIDE THE UK - £250 - Please note that overseas artists are only eligible for the overseas prize, they are not eligible for any of the other prizes. Please tick the relevant boxes on the submission form. The winner will have their work made into a print and framed for the exhibition in 2023 at the expense of the Women in Art Prize.

The Women in Art People's Vote Prize - £250 

Sara  Gregory 













The Women in Art Award for Young Woman Artists (26 years and Under) - £250

 HSoA Abstract Painting Prize -  An exhibition at Hampstead School of Art.

Applicants must be emerging artists who have a complete body of work

Lyndsey Tyson












HSoA Young Artist Prize – a Hampstead School of Art course (costs up to £400).

Applicants must be aged 18 to 25 years old. 


Please make sure you read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

If you Have any unanswered questions then please do contact us at


Beth by Svetlana Semenova / painting
Lost to Daydreams by Ava Khera / painting
The configuration of freedom and expression. Amie Elizabeth
Shadows 01 by Susie Silk
Self Portraits (inspired by Francis Bacon) Melody Thornton
The Photographic Mokulito Print by jodie wingham photographic
Country Cousins. by Kate Bentley
Menopause - Anxiety by Sara Gregory / painting
Wednesday by Lyndsey Tyson


Women in art have long been overlooked and under-appreciated, making it all the more important to recognize and celebrate their unique contributions to the world of art. From established female artists who have shaped the landscape of art history to emerging women artists with innovative ideas and perspectives, the importance of celebrating and preserving their work cannot be overstated. Not only does it benefit the artists themselves, it also allows museums and curators to stay relevant and up-to-date in an ever-evolving art world.

Art Dealer


The Women In Art Prize formerly The Holly Bush Prize has proven a great place to connect, we aim to carry that on with The Women In Art Prize not just connecting Artists with each other but also with art professionals. You come along as competitors and leave as friends.

looking at art


At the Women In Art Prize, we know how important it is to support women in their careers. We are dedicated to helping you in every way we can and empower you to achieve success.

Walking In Gallery


We are dedicated to celebrating and promoting Art created by women in all its mediums  Through our prize, we are offering women Painters and Photographers the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works. We also vigorously promote the work of our entrants, finalist and winners through social media.


We want to create a diverse and inclusive community for all women artists.

We are committed to allyship and will continue to champion a plurality of voices. 

But, we acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done. We understand that our work to correct the gender imbalances of the art world must be intersectional and acknowledge the systemic barriers that may be layered onto gendered experience.

We encourage artists from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to enter our competitions.

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“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

 Georgia O’Keeffe


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